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Chadd VanZanten

Chadd VanZantenThe only thing Chadd VanZanten loves more than writing is fishing, and the only thing he loves more than fishing is living in Cache Valley with his wife and family. He is an active member of the Cache Valley Chapter of the League of Utah Writers and is always starting some new project without really knowing whether it will ever get finished. Chadd often writes about characters who are in the process of missing the point life is trying to make, hoping it might help him avoid doing so. He wishes he had more time for things like comic books and Scrabble.

Chadd's short story “Not Delicous” is published in the May 2011 issue of Provo Orem Word, an arts and literature journal.

Chadd's short story "The Skin of Misery" is published in the September 2010 issue of Provo Orem Word, an arts and literature journal.

Chadd was recently the featured reader at Helicon West, a community literary forum. Where he read three Valentines related pieces with a distinct twist.

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Chadd’s short story, “Decidedly So” appeared in the issue #4 of the monthly literary broadside, New Graffiti.

Chadd’s short story, “Dear Friends.”