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Dianne Hardy

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A Mother of three children and seven grandchildren, Dianne Hardy retired in December 2008, after spending the last 46 years in piano teaching—the last 20 in higher education. She loves the slower pace of her life and feels only one compulsion, to create every day. She started writing just two years ago when looking for something to occupy her time in retirement. She loved writing when she was a child, but never looked seriously at it because it was always her mother's domain—hers was music. Now she is writing memoirs from her childhood and finding them to be therapeutic. Says Hardy, “They are honest and truthful accounts of my childhood and I do not…will not censor them.”

Dianne's short story, "Pee in the Pool" appeared in the July issue of Cynic Magazine.

Dianne earned an honorable mention in the Humor Press writing contest with "Carnal Knowledge" a memoir from her book.

Dianne earned an honorable mention in the Whispering Prairie Press 2010 Writing Awards. Her essay, "Stealing", was picked from more than 500 entries from 32 states and the District of Columbia. As a result of her placement, Dianne was asked to submit her winning entry to The Kansas City Voice magazine for upcoming publication.

Dianne Hardy was named and awarded Best New Writer of 2009 by the League of Utah Writers for her short story, Lena. She also took third place in the same category for her short story "The Weigh-In" AND... honorable mention for her personal essay, "A Spiritual Experience."

Genre: Creative Non-fiction

Current Project: Memoirs